1410 wireless gateway with AMS

We have a 1410 wireless gateway that is currently working with DeltaV. We can communicate with the web interface.  AMS ans AMS SECURE is selected in the web interface under Protocols.  

The problem is getting the device to show up in AMS.  I would like to see it show up under DeltaV Network as "assigned wireless".  But it does not.  

  • In reply to TreyB:

    You are probably missing the AMS license that enables the Wireless Network connection type (this is not a Gateway license), you can get that from your local Emerson sales office. The 1410 Gateway does not have the option for DeltaV native integration, which is only available today for 1420 Gateways and WIOCs. When you use 1420 Gateways (with the DeltaV Ready option enabled) or WIOCs, they are seamlessly integrated into DeltaV with no other changes required.