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Problems setting up a Fisher valve fitted with DVC6200 ODV positioner

Recent stroke testing of a Fisher control valve fitted with Fisher DVC6200 ODV positioner, We were trying to do a performance tune, since the valve response needed some improvement.

Using a Trex communicator, we couldnt find either performance tune or statbilise/optimise routines in the Trex menu, either in the Trex ValveLink software or in the HART link. The lead/lag settings had not been activated (settings of 0). Is there a setting that makes the stabilise/optimise routine unavailable?

Using the same Trex communicator on other valves fitted with DVC6200 and HC level software, the stabilise/optimise routine was available and we were able to carry out that routine without issue. This would indicate that it is not an issue with the Trex, but with the ODV positioners.

Assistance on how we can bring up the performance tune option would be appreciated.


Jeff Richards

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  • Please get in touch with your impact partner for help tuning the ODV. There are service techs specially trained to tune the ODV for optimum performance.
  • In reply to Stanley Amirthasamy:

    thanks for the response. I assume you are indicating we should get an Emerson tech to site? This is not feasible due to the current Covid virus lockdowns that are in place and severe restrictions on travel. Also, there is no registered support within 2000 miles or so and nothing in country.
    This is a simple question, I used the Trex to search for the performance tune and stabilise optimise routines, using the HART map for the ODV as a guide, and the software routines were not visible. I also looked for them via Valvelink on the Trex, but could also not find them.
    What I was interested in knowing is the access issue possibly due to a value setting that hides them from view, e.g. write protect or something similar.

    Jeff Richards