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DVC6200 smart positioner feedback problem

Hi guys

we install Fisher DVC6200 positioner IN OUR PLANT and we configure the positioner to enable feedback signal by enabling output transmitter. from DCS system which is ovation 3.3.1 we configure the hart high performance analog output card to scan the hart variable in that Chanel and from analog point we assign it for feedback we configure it to same analog output card  and same Chanel  with fourth digital variables. the problem is feedback from the positioner is not received. FYI AMS is not installed in our system. 

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  • Darby,  Assuming you have a DVC6200 hardware 2 device; Enabling the transmitter function provides you with the capability to add a separate (NON HART)hard wired analog input to your DCS indicating the actual valve travel.  Using the HART QV as you noted does not require that the transmitter mode be enabled.  You should be able to read it into Ovation off your HPAO card.  Have you contacted your Ovation support?

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    In reply to R Freudinger:

    Hi  R Freudinger

    thanks for your response. I have not contacted them yet, but if you have some document to show how to configure DVC6000 family to ovation 3.3.1 this will very helpful.