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DVC 6200 with ODV sofware

Recent stroke testing of a Kent introl valve fitted with Fisher DVC6200 ODV positioner, I was trying to do a performance tune, since the valve response needed some improvement.

Using a Trex communicator, we couldnt find either performance tune or statbilise/optimise routines in the menu, either in the Trex ValveLink software or in the HART link. The lead/lag settings had not been activated (settings of 0). Is there an option to turn off these functions so they are not visible?

Assistance on how we can bring up the performance tune option would be appreciated.

Also, during stroke checking some other valves in a multi-train (i.e parallel process units), a mix of large high pressure kent double acting piston globe valves and large high pressure single acting diaphragm valves, we found a large variation in tuning sets installed across the trains for valves of same duty and design ( DVC6200 HC with tuning sets that varied from C to K, when final tuning of M gave good step test results). The valves all had boosters installed. I am unclear as what the default setting for DVC HC use when fitted to non-fisher valves, since many technicians do not ppreciate that an Auto-cal routine of a DVC HC on a non-fisher actuator has the potential to deliver rather sub-optimal results. Should we be specifying AD or PD in this case to ensure a performance tune is suggested during initial set-up?

Jeff Richards