HART feedback from a Fisher DVC 6200 PD Valve Positioner for Ovation

We received this email and wanted to open it up to the Valves, Actuators & Regulators group for their insights... thanks!

I have a question on using hart feedback from a fisher DVC 6200 PD valve positioner. We are trying to set this up at our plant but are having a few issues with the hart signal. We are connecting them using ovation hart smart analog output cards.

The problems we are seeing is that some of the feedback signals are reversed so instead of showing 100% open they are showing 0%. And on others we are not showing an actual valve position but showing a negative value when it should be 0 or not at 100% when fully open. Is there a way to calibrate these signals in the DVC? We are using the AMS TREX to calibrate the valves.

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  • Looks like action on air "to" open or close (FAIL OPEN or FAIL CLOSE) is not correctly defined in Calibration step. May please do needful. In the meantime, if you could please advise your geographical location to have Emerson team to contact, should problem still persist after correctly input FAIL ACTION during calibration.