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Roxar MPFM-2600 Flow Computer Watchdog/Life bit/Heart bit Register for Host System

I have been reading the Roxar MPFM 2600 manual and I can't find the Modbus register of the watchdog for the host system.

Could someone shed light on this? Thanks.

  • Hi Rein, apologies for the delayed response here!

    According to our metering adviser,  we don’t have any watchdog registers in our Modbus mapping/exchange document. Watchdog functionalities / registers are implemented in the flow computer SW code, not listed in the Modbus client doc.

    If you are interested in restarting the meter (flow computer), if it seems to have frozen values (not a problem normally experienced with the Roxar 2600 MPFM, however a situation that can theoretically happen); it is possible for you to send a command to the MPFM to do so:




    By sending 1 to register 0 this task will be done (screenshot from Modus exchange doc.). This should allow you to build in a watchdog in your system, and send a reset command to the MFPM if necessary.

    Let me know if this helps...


    Jiahui (Sabrina) Li