Field Prover Necessary with Micro Motion Elite used as Master Meter?

I received this question in LinkedIn and wanted to ask the flow community members for your thoughts in how best to respond... thanks!

With respect to API MPMS 4.9.3 “Determination of the Volume of Displacement and Tank Provers by the Master Meter Method of Calibration”, is it necessary to use a field prover when a Coriolis (Elite) is used as the master meter?

  • Chapter 4.9.3 on the standards manual describes methods to determine the volume of displacement provers by the master meter method of calibration. In this chapter, the displacement prover being calibrated is the field prover so will presume that the question being asked is, "Is a master meter prover necessary with Micro Motion Elite being used as the master meter?" 

    Section 6.1.1 of this chapter states that the master meter method of calibration involves making repeated meter proving runs of a master meter against a master prover (master meter prover) and making repeated prover calibration runs of the field prover against the master meter in an exactly defined sequence in a minimum amount of time. Annex B of this chapter also lists 4 configurations that can be used to do so, all of them using a a master meter prover. It further states that no other configurations are allowed. From this, it is clear that a master meter prover to calibrate the master meter must be used to comply with this chapter.