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Beyond the Buzz: What You Need to Know about Edge Control Technology

 From a wastewater treatment plant automating the chemical feed process to an agricultural user shifting water pump operation to manage energy costs to an oil and gas company maximizing system uptime, industrial markets are all talking about edge technology. But with all the buzz around it, there are also an awful lot of misconceptions about what it is, what it can do and who needs it.

Users, systems integrators and OEMs can implement edge control technology to connect previously isolated machines at the edge to collect data, analyze it and use it to improve both machine-level and process performance. A new white paper from Emerson helps define edge control technology, the advantages it brings to IIoT and how it enables digital transformation. In the white paper, “Edge Technology: Accessing and Integrating Critical Isolated Data (The Truth Behind the Hype),” Emerson answers common questions and provides a guide as to how enterprises can use this important advance in IIoT to optimize operations.

The white paper explores the complete edge technology platform including edge devices, edge gateways and edge computing devices, and delves into true edge controller technology and the unique capabilities enabled by this industry-leading innovation.

Some of the key questions the white paper addresses are, “Does edge technology take the place of a control system?” and, “Do you need edge technology if you already have PLCs and/or PACs?” It also explains the advantages and key technology characteristics of edge control technology, as well as provides real-world user examples of how customers in a wide range of industries have used edge control to overcome critical challenges.

Download the “Edge Technology: Accessing and Integrating Critical Isolated Data (The Truth Behind the Hype)” white paper today.