You Can Automate CIP and Save Money! Here’s How.

 Food and beverage manufacturers, do you know that clean-in-place (CIP) operations consume nearly 30% of a plant’s resources of water, energy, labor and time? Accurately reporting CIP procedures is essential to the accuracy and reliability of the process as well as to critical traceability, and yet many plants still perform reporting of CIP procedures manually. Manual reporting is not only prone to errors, it can also add $20-40K in labor costs. And it makes reducing time-to-market far more difficult as manual reporting increases changeover times. Still, food and beverage professionals often feel like there’s no affordable, manageable automated reporting process for CIP.

That’s no longer true. In this informative flyer, users can learn of an easy-to-implement, fully integrated CIP automated reporting solution that will save money, increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs. Check out the Emerson CIP analytics solution here.