Third Party Access - Data to and from Ovation

What's the best way to pass data back and forth from third party apps to Ovation?  OPC?  ODBC?

I have an optimization model that will be running on an Ovation Historian and I need to pull live data from the system and write optimal results to an operator screen.  Are there .NET paths to Ovation?

  • Travis - You mention a few different variables in your question, including the Ovation Historian. Certainly there are numerous connectivity options with Ovation, including OPC and ODBC as you suggested.

    Since you specifically state: “I need to pull live data from the system and write”

    …the Ovation OPC Data Access Server would probably be the most appropriate solution for the scenario that you describe. It is compliant with the OPC DA specification.

  • Thanks Greg. Is OPC DA access built into Ovation or is it an addon?
    Is ODBC an option to write values into the system? I'm OK with recent data (previous 15 minutes) With only 3 to 5 points being transferred I also need it to be cost effective.
    Any other paths I should be looking at?
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    The project specifics of your customer's system will have some bearing on the answers to your questions. Would you be okay if I forwarded your inquiry to one of our local account managers? It would probably be best for you to have a direct conversation on this. At this point my answers would be generic and somewhat predictive, and I'd prefer that you get a response that is specific to your particular situation.

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    Greg, are you at the Emerson Exchange?

  • Travis,

    I am fairly certain Greg is not here at Exchange.  As he mentioned, there are many options and which is best depends upon protocols and other issues.  A local account rep could give you details on any option.  I'll be here most of the week and be glad to talk with you a few minutes at break if that would be helpful.  I'm with TVA, and we have implemented a variety of third party interfaces with Ovation.  The Ovation OPC DA is one option and can offer redundncy needed in some applications.


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    Hi Travis - Daniel is correct. I am not at Emerson Exchange this year. Daniel - thank you for contributing to this discussion.

  • Thanks Daniel! How should I find you?