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Modifying .FMT file in NotePad

Hi All,

Is there any way to edit or modify .FMT file from notepad or by use of any other software instead of opening it in DeltaV BulkEdit?

 Also, how to export the phase information in for bulk instances in notepad or in Excel?

Thank you in advance.

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  • A .FMT file is just a plain text file, so it is editable in Notepad. However like all things such as this, please use caution when editing and test thoroughly. I don't think there is any document that clearly explains what everything means. There are quite a few example .FMT files on a system that you could use as reference material.

    As to the bulk edit for phases question, I know you can edit some fields on Unit modules, but I don't recall if they include the phase information or not. Hopefully someone else comes along and has more experience in that area than I do.