Firmware POU IEC 62591 not found in Micro RTU .mwt file


Good evening all,

I am very new to work in micro Control wave RTU and facing some issue while opening the project load file in micro RTU. Please look at my small introduction about that project.  There was a one project done by someone on site and completed the job at remote Micro RTU in which my role is to continue from that remote to SCADA but I got the project load files from the contractor and that was opened in the existing site laptop. I tried to rebuild the load file, but errors are occurred which I have given below your reference and necessary solution to resolve the issues. 

There are four errors:

1). Firmware POU 'IEC 62592' not found! Probably not implemented for processor type 'control wave' 

2). File error! ()

3). File error! (IECWireless:IEC62592_1)

4). File error! (IECWireless)

Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated in this matter..!!