FMT File for motor module

Hello Everyone,

how can I create a customized FMT File for motor module with specific interlocks, DCC interlocks list I would like to import from separate TXT File.

Does anyone know how to do that?

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  • In DeltaV Explorer, go to File -> Format Specification -> Custom. In the pop-up you first name your file and then select the parameters you wish to export. My suggestion is to select Control Module and then browse to the control module you are interested in. Be certain to check the boxes for all parameters show that they show up on the left side of the window. Then just select the ones you want and move them to the right. The file will be in your Import/Export folder (unless you change the location)

    Hope this helps.
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    One other thing to point out is you need to make sure your DCC block has the number of active interlocks, force setpoints and permissives set to the max you need prior to creating your format file because otherwise you will not be able to browse to all the parameters. The parameters are hidden if the number of used conditions is not larger than the condition you are trying to use. You can change the number of used conditions in the format file as well and I suggest adding that as a field as well to set to the actual number of used conditions.
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    Hi TPatterson,

    what could happen if a parameter is integrated into FMT file, and then deleted from the updated TXT file, and then imported into DeltaV?
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    If they are non-class based modules, it will just try to set to a blank. If you are using class based modules, if you want to relink it to the class value, you can use <> surrounding the value. If you want the import to skip entirely, you can use NULL.
  • What could affect change on this line "object_subtype Library/ModuleTemplates/PCSD_P2/CML" of FMT file? Could this line just be deleted manually? What happens if this line has been deleted?

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    Generally you should use the Format File Editor built into DeltaV Explorer and it will take care of the specific formatting.
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    I would like to use this FMT file for different modules with different subtypes, but with the same object names, which I would like to update. Thats why this line "object_subtype Library/ModuleTemplates/PCSD_P2/CML" of FMT file is a little bit confusing.
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    That line is simply the last thing in the editor you browsed too. You can use any format file with any module (almost). If the parameters match up, they will be in your data file, if they don't they are replaced with <NULL>.
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    That means, I can simply delete this line. Thanks!

    And one more question: is it mandatory to have the Area Object in FMT file? If I dont consider the area, and just update the module with its Module Name, will the Module appear somewhere else after update, or it will stey at the same place, which it had before updates?
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    I would use caution when deleting lines from a format file. I go back to be earlier statements where it's better to use the Format File Editor in DeltaV Explorer and not edit the file by hand. It might work, it might not, so do so at your own risk with thorough testing.

    In terms of Area, depending on the version of DeltaV, it might or might not be required. In some earlier versions, it would move modules to Area A if you lacked the area field. They have fixed that, though I don't remember the exact version. As with everything, test with a small number prior to making large changes to your database.