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Compile error in DeltaV Graphics


I am getting a compile error on DeltaV Workspace. The error comes whenever i open the DeltaV Operate in Run mode.

It goes once we click OK. But the same error comes if we close & Open the Workspace again.

DeltaV ver is 14.3.1

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  • Ctrl+Break - then see from VBE where the error occurs...
  • In reply to Martin v. Bergeijk:

    "Break" means which key exactly ??
  • In reply to Pradeep Jadhav:

    It should be the End key, Ctrl+End.
  • First identify when (after which change in script) this error started popping up. As you are getting this error as soon as operate goes online, check script in your Usersettings.grf file or any subroutine called from here. Compile your Usersettings.grf offline first.
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    Also try changing overview display to other main display. this is to check script in current overview display giving error.
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    I was able to replicate same error when:
    I deleted group related to 'simulation and Note' from display but related script in cfixpicture_InitializeConfig is not deleted. Check your display from same. it will give offline compilation warning for same.
  • Hi
    First, upon, you have to uncheck the "Disable VBE Access" checkbox option. Then it will take you to the actual location where the error is coming.
    This option you can find in DeltaV operate configure mode. In the workspace menu, go to the User preferences option. I will open a pop-up, find the Environment protection tab, and then "Disable VBE Access" checkbox option need to be unchecked.

  • Hello all,

    i'm now 4 years programming with DeltaV but the last times i have an error that appears

    all times by new created pictures.

    the error is: "the picture is missing the ps_currentlink variable."

    do anyone have an ideas, what could be the cause of this please ?

    thanks in advance for your hepls.


  • In reply to Vista:

    Did you use one of the templates to create the new pictures. They have a VariableGroup item that has visible set to false and contains "ps_CurrenLink variable" It sound like this variable is missing from the graphic
  • In reply to ICMbill:

    DeltaV displays should all have the following "Variable Group", which contains PS_CurrentLink:

    ICMBill points out that this group is automatically created when you create the picture from a template.

    These variables are used by DeltaV out of box scripts to manage the display positioning and the currently selected tag on the console.  Copying this group from a template based picture may fix this, but there may be other missing components and you can end up chasing one problem after the other.

    My suggestion is to create a new display from the appropriate template (there are based on your monitor resolution), and then copy all your content to this picture.  You can then delete the original and rename to the desired display name.

    Other suggestions are useful to trouble shoot display issues, but in this case, you should first reset to a valid display template to properly lay the foundation of the display before spending more time on this issue.

    Andre Dicaire