Compile Error on Startup

I saw this questions asked previously but no solutions worked for us. When we run DeltaV Operate, it freezes at 12% with "Error Number: 0 (00000000) A compile error was detected in a script that was about to run. The script will not be started." I went and turned off "Disable VBE access" in Environment variables and I now get the error "Compile error in hidden module: FRSI_glb" followed by "Object Variable or With block variable not set". When I try to compile the startup graphic or the user global I get the error "Compile error in hidden module: FRSI_Function". Is there a way to fix these issues? Currently, I can delete the Pic folder and replace it with the backup and it will run but if I turn DeltaV off the error returns. 



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  • This error is related to copy paste of global files from one machine to another.
    Suggested to take back up of existing , then delete pic folder and copy fresh PIC folder(probably from c drive).
    and copy only project specific files from backup to the system. (Not entire pic folder from backup)


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    Hello everyone
    Although I receive a different message, the issue is the same. I followed the instructions found in to try and solve my problem but the module with the bug is one of the unviewable ones (can't tell which one), so the debug option is not available for me.

    Could you please be more specific about which files do we have to look for and replace?
    Many thanks in advance.