VCAT Functionality

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand how the VCAT and 'Show History' of phases work when it comes to download history. If I download a phase to a unit, that should show up in the history of the phase class as "Download Label: Sent to ...", right?

It also seems that if I have 3 units on the same controller that all run the same phase then all 3 will be downloaded together. This would show up as only one entry in the version control history of the phase class. Yes or No?

Lastly, is all of this configurable in DeltaV?


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  • Even though you select "Download unit phase" from the unit, this is actually performed and tracked by controller. So yes, if you do it on one unit, the phase will be downloaded for all 3 units and you get just 1 entry in VCAT, mentioning the controller name.