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DeltaV Live: Visibility property for GEM Class

Hello All,


In DeltaV Live, I have created a unlinked GEM and assigned it a visibility condition.





However, after converting the Unlinked GEM into a GEM Class I am not able to see the Visibility property.


Although I was able to do a workaround by creating a variable and assigning it an animation, I am wondering why the Visibility property is not available on the GEM Class?

Even in the script editor I can see the GEM.Visibility property but the property is not available in the Basics Tab.



Navin Singh

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  • Hi Navin,

    Visibility is a property of an object or group of objects. In the first picture, you have selected the Unlinked GEM as indicated by the holders all around the object:

    In the second example, your are looking at the GEM Class, but no object is selected and no visibility property is available.

    This is a standard OOB GEM Class:

    Similar to your picture, without any object selected, there is no visibility property available.

    When using GEM Classes you will have 2 options:

    Option 1. At the GEM Class level, you can select all objects you want to assign visibility animation and configure it accordingly. In this image, you will see the visibility associated with the out bar below the valve body:

    Option 2: After dropping an instance of the GEM Class in a display, select the instance and assign visibility the same way you were doing with the Unlinked GEM.

    I hope this helps!

    Camilo Fadul

    Camilo Fadul | DeltaV Solution Marketing Director


  • In reply to Camilo Fadul:

    Hello Camilo,

    Thanks for the response.

    As i need the visibility animation for every instance of the GEM class, I have created a variable and assigned the following script.

    It seems to work ok on the instances and the GEMs are visible/invisible as required.

    let me know if you see any issues in the script.


    Navin Singh