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Download of Batch Unit with running batch

Good morning, 

Does anyone know if is there a safe way to download a Batch Unit module while a batch is running?

We implemented a change that added a Unit Alias to a Batch Unit and updated the logic of a Phase Class used in the Batch Unit. 

For production scheduling there is always a batch running in the Batch Unit, therefore I was wandering is is there a safe way to perform the download of the Batch Unit module without causing major problems to the running batch. 

Thank you for any help the community can provide



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  • Good morning, you can download the phase without disturbanses to running phase. The changes will be have an effect after loading the phase again.
  • In reply to KoBriZo:

    Thank you KoBriZo for your input. Would you know the impact of the download of the Batch Unit Module on the running batch?
  • In reply to Davide Cavaliere:

    as far as I know, running phases are not impacted with download.
  • In reply to KoBriZo:

    Be careful. I believe downloading the Batch Unit (with an Alias update for example as opposed to just downloading an updated Phase) will kill the running Phase and therefore the connection to the Batch Executive if you were running from BEX.

    Just be careful and if you can't confirm the effect definitively yourself (on a trial development system for example). Then I would advise against performing on a Live production system.

  • You can download a phase under the unit, but downloading the unit itself will reset it to defaults and the recipe will lose connection to the batch executive.