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Safe to Download Batch Executive?

What exactly happens when you download Batch Executive, and is that any different than "Download Equipment"? Is it safe to do when you have batches running on other equipment that is not affected by the changes to the "Area Model"?

There is a BOL article about this titled "Effects of configuration changes". There are disclaimers about downloading phases that are being executed and updating recipes that have active batches (will need to resync), but otherwise there are no major warnings.

According to the BOL article, adding new batch equipment (i.e. process cell, unit module, and phase classes) will impact the "Area Model" and will require a download of "either a complete download or equipment only." In this case, the stuff I am working with has never had batches before so I had to add the Area to the Batch Executive as well as all of the relevant architecture (PC, unit module, and so on). However, this Batch Executive is running many other very important batches.... is that a concern?

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  • Afik a running batch is loaded in memory as a copy of the configuration at start time. This includes that a batch configuration can be downloaded at 'any' time. The running batch just runs the 'old' configuration.
    The same applies to phases, These are loaded as a copy into memory and remain the same as long as the phase is active. Of course when the phase is configured as 'always in memory', the phase will change, also at runtime.