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Batch Dynamic Unit Allocation

Hi experts,

In our current project we have a large Batch system (DeltaV V12.3.1) running on several reactors and requiring certain units to be acquired at certain intervals (defer). At the start of the batch some of these units are not already available / designated to the batch. We currently rely on the operator to use the unit selection prompt to select the proper unit to be used. This has caused some issues in the past due to operator selecting the wrong unit, which is understandable since we have so many units. We need to eliminate this human error.

I'm aware that we could use equipment train and downstream filtering + selection policies. This would solve this issue in some cases, but not all. We have several units which can supply media to several reactors, so it's not really a "train", more a ring. We also would not eliminate the error of the operator selecting the unit at the correct time. The unit might be a possible downstream unit, but would only be required later on (the unit might not already be sterile / filled). I've seen the selection policies (instead of using defer) combined with unit parameters (written to from MES by OPC) would timeout, causing the choice to be handled by the operator again. Is this timeout a configurable parameter? Maybe in the registry?

Our hope is that we can use our MES (WERUM PAS-X) system to update the Batch to allocate the correct unit at the appropriate time. Currently the MES system uses the campaign manager to start the batches. It was my understanding that once the batch is started, deferring a unit is no longer possible, and we would have to rely on the operator. 

So, the question is:

Can we interface with the Batch Executive to allocate (defer) the correct unit at the correct time, allowing for the MES system to select the correct unit?



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  • The batch sequence could look as follows:
    1. The recipe is configured so A, B, C client reactors can receive material M from either one of the X, Y, Z server tanks
    2. When A/ B/ C client reactors reach the time to receive material M issues a synchronization messages (SYNC_0_M) to each server tanks X, Y, Z to check if them are ready to deliver material M.
    3. If any of them are ready, X/ Y/ Z server tanks confirms/ aquits the synchronization message (SYNC_0_M) to each of the client reactors
    4. Based on the received confirmations, A/ B/ C client reactors, by example B, issues an attachment message (ATTACH_Z) to the one of server which has confirmed the ready to deliver state, by example server tank Z
    5. The server Z confirm attachment and wait for a synchronization message, (SYNC_1) to start delivery
    6. The others unselected servers tanks continues to wait for an attachment message from the other client reactors, by example A/ C
    7. The client reactor B issues the synchronization message (SYNC_1_M) to server tank Z to start delivery and it finalizes material M transfer sequence with server tank Z and after that dettaches it.
    8. The operation sequences with servers X/ Y even if them are prezent in recipe will not be activated as the servers X/ Y have not been selected

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  • In reply to Ion Paidiu:


    Thank you for your reply.

    I think it is important to note that at the point of selecting the desired unit, no phase will be running on this unit. How will the sync messages be sent to the Batch Executive? We currently use the standard phase request codes for syncing between unit.

    It is currently also nearly impossible to change the design of the procedure / unit procedure / ..., since the process is validated in its current form.
  • In reply to Bart Van Looveren:

    If batch process is enabled in Control Studio, batch features can be used also in equipment module (command driven) without to use unit modules, phases (replaced by commands) and batch executive; but if batch executive is not involved and can’t be involved, the messages shall be processed in other way. I have used failure monitor module, part of equipment module, to place in it a messages broker sequence. (You can see my prezentation 3_14520 at Emerson Exchange 2017 Minneapolis)
    I think is possible to develop a hybrid solution using also batch executive messaging and unit modules together with equipment modules messaging – I have not try this.
    All The Best