AMS v14.5 - is an upgrade from 14.1.1 recommended?

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I see another pack of hotfixes is out for AMS 14.1.1 and I wasn't entirely happy with the last batch. Has anyone upgraded to AMS 14.5 and would you recommend doing so, or staying put until it's out in the wild for a while?

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  • It's all depends what HSI Network interface you have. AMS DM v.14.5 has a lot of improvement on it's performance, device caching capability for 24 hours, AMS DM
    v. 14.5 has capabilities with FDI standards and 1st host be be certified, more secure with certificate trusts, etc.... Note: AMS DM v14.5 only support these HSI Network connectivity's such as DeltaV, HART IP, Smart Wireless Interface, Modem, and a few more at at this point in time. Find more info:

    Another cool and improve AMS Device View capabilities (Device Screens on any workstation, Read-Only capability, Audit Trail in Context, Projects tracking, etc).  Here is an interactive demo you can navigate around:*f6h7h2*_ga*NjAzOTYwMjQxLjE2NDYyNDQwMzQ.*_ga_1MGRRDNV9H*MTY1MjgxMzEzOS40OS4xLjE2NTI4MTQ3NzIuMA.. Note: this version will not work with AMS DM v14.1.1.

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    • AMS co-exists on the DeltaV System and when we first installed it, the "ServerPlus" also had to be on the same physical machine as the DeltaV ProPlus, which is also the primary domain controller. Is that still supported / recommended?
    • So am I reading the install guide correctly - it seems to say if I install on top of my existing 14.1.1 installation, that the device DD's "will not" be updated? What if I want the updated DD's?

    Thanks Tinh.


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    If you are talking about updating the DDs on a DeltaV system, You will need to download the DD(s) you need from the website and import it into DeltaV. If AMS DM 14.5 already has it, it will get sync. When upgrading AMS DM 14.1.1 to AMS DM 14.5, the DDs will get updated.
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    Forgot about your first question. I don't see why it would not work. I see DeltaV and AMS DM architecture A.2 indicating both DeltaV ProPlus and AMS DM ServerPlus are on one system. I think this is OK on smaller DeltaV and AMS deployment. I do see folks do it and have not run into issue. It is recommended to have the AMS DM ServerPlus on the DeltaV Application Station. This is to protect the DeltaV database from possibly getting corrupted. That being said, make sure you have a good DeltaV database backup procedure in place if you are deploying both DeltaV Pro+ and AMS DM ServerPlus on the same station. Your DeltaV database is crucial to maintain. Please follow best practices. Especially, if you are doing bring data outside of OT. DeltaV Application station was created to allow data exchange to outside of OT layer.

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    So - it sounds like 1.) ServerPlus isn't required to be on the DeltaV ProPlus - should I uninstall AMS 14.1.1 from the ProPlus before making an APP station the ServerPlus?
    2.) Presently Device View is running on the APP station - no problem coexisting with ServerPlus?
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    Make sure you have a AMS client station available before changing your architecture around. If your system is in a domain, install the AMS Client Station first then the AMS ServerPlus station on the application station. This will ensure the trust happen within the domain.
    Backup your current database. This will ensure all your device historical data is preserved.
    As for AMS Device View: no problem there.
    Note: as i mentioned earlier, certificates manager need to be use for client server trust. Same for AMS Device View. AMS book online and installation guide got what you need to make this happen and easy. Call your Emerson Impact Partner for guidance and recommendations for help. You are on the right track and got good knowledge behind you to make this a successful install John.
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    So what does it mean by supporting FDI? Does it mean that we can connect devices in AMS Device Manager via DTMs? Just like we do in FDT containers?

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    And also let me know if FDI license have to be separately purchased?
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    No, AMS Device Manager can launch FDI UIP and install FDI device packages. Don't need DTMs.
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    No license is required. Just need a device certified FDI package