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Justification to upgrade to CSI 2140 - End of life cycle?


We have been using CSI 2130 for few years and we are happy with its performance. I have been hearing that CSI 2130 is reaching its end of life and the users shall consider upgrading to CSI 2140.  Is that true?

Based on your plant maintenance experience, would you be able to comment if there is any urgent need to upgrade to CSI 2140  from CSI 2130, if so what would be those supporting justification with respect to plant maintenance.

Thanks for your insight.



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  • Hello Sid,

    The CSI 2130 was moved to supported status back in Oct 2015 (you can get support but can't buy new). It is estimated to be retired by Jan 2019. You may want to look into upgrading before that time however, because there are current trade-in incentives for 2017 that will drop in 2018.

    I hope this helps your planning.

    Best Regards,
    Nicholas Meyer
  • Hi Sid,

    We have upgraded to the 2140. It is a great unit, however it has a few issues e.g. flashing screen when on bluetooth, LAN connectivity when dumping data, hanging/freezing issues. These are not related to a particular unit as I service multiple sites.

    Another factor is the support agreement which is exorbitant and possibly a bit outdated. Whilst it is advertised as a 24/7 service, not once have I been able to get support on a weekend, in fact the last few attempts to contact support have been unsuccessful due to the support engineer being on lunch or having left for the day.

    I hope this helps with your decision with the upgrade :)
  • In reply to Terry Wrist:

    Terry, Thank you for the feedback. I have been the product manager for the AMS 2140 for the past several years. The flashing screen issue that you're citing above was reported to us. FYI - It only occurred when the signal going to the Bluetooth headphones was being clipped, i.e. distorted. We have fixed it so that the screen will not flash at all, regardless of the gain level being used. I'm not aware of the other issues that you're mentioning, but I would appreciate it, if you could contact me directly, and I will look into them.

    We continue to implement enhancements to the AMS 2140, which is part of the benefit of the support agreement. We now support a Bluetooth link to a temperature gun. Right now, we are implementing a live display to the transient application, and our latest new technology - PeakVue Plus. If your analyzer is under support, you should contact our support team to get the latest firmware.

    I'd like to point out as well that in addition to firmware updates and phone support, that the support agreement also provides for repair of your AMS 2140, so it offers a lot of value.

    Robert Skeirik
    Director of Product Management for Machinery Health