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Reports from AMS version 11.5

Dear all,

I was wondering if AMS would generate a report for my site.

I want a spreadsheet or CSV file with all the tag numbers and serial numbers of any DVC5000 valve positioner assigned to an area. There are at least three individual flavors of DVC5000 installed, but I wouldn't mind running three individual queries.

Is this possible?

Thanks & Regards


  • John, Do you have the QuickCheck SNAPON? If so that would be the easiest way. If not you could use the generic export function.
  • This is possible using a generic export from AMS Device Manager. Right click on the Plant Database, select Export..., then select To Generic Export File. This will give you an xml file that you can view in a spreadsheet. The export wizard will let you sort by device type and then choose only DVC5000's.

    Give this a try and let us know if you have more questions.
  • John, I have tried both the generic export function and QuickCheck.

    The generic export function which allows me to look at the data in excel format and filter by the information that I want. This can be done quicker if you select to historical data rather than live data (assuming things haven't changed since AMS last talked to the device)

    Using QuickCheck is handy is you want to revisit the same devices, but seems to take time manually selecting and dragging into a folder and found to be time consuming. However once set up gives good output data.

    FYI I am trying to work out how I can export all ValveLink data to csv/excel format.

  • In reply to a_lot_of_devices:

    In Quickview once you drag the first DVC5000 into the group, right click and select bulk import. It will prompt for DVC 5000's of the rev you put in the group or all DVC 5000's Select all and every DVC 5000 that is online will be put into the group add the columns you want (like serial number) and then update data The last step will take time as it goes t each device but from there you can export to excel once the data is read

    Ed Smigo