deleted files after download

Dear All

I have a new issue whenever i download my engineering workatation    some files on  folder  D:\Dvdata\download are deleted and are not  recreated 

this impacts module search in deltav operate run mode

Also when i tried to run Deltav workstation utility the machine continue and after restart it losses communication with Deltav  despite it is a part of the domain

and the only way to fix this issue is to restore from image which have the download issue.

the above issue is repeated foe 2 ows

we run ver 14.3.1 lts


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  • Check if the PRO+ needs a download or has a download flag.

    Is your PRO+ a domain controller or do you have an independent domain controller?

    Check the time of the domain controller and see if all workstations are in sync.

    You may also post in this forum a screenshot of the content of the download folder before and after the download. May also want to include a screenshot of the download folder of the PRO+.

    Check if you have a virus in the system that maybe causing this unwanted deletion.
  • In reply to Neil Castro:

    first of all thanks for your reply

    1- kindly note that no nodes needs download

    2- our pro+ is a primary domain controller  while one history server act as secondary controller

    3- All machines are synchronized with pro+ ( time is identical )

    pro+ d:\Deltav\dvdata\download\

    DCS-OWS-10   D:\Deltav\Dvdata\download    before download

    DCS-OWS-10  D:\deltav\Dvdata\download

    I need to copy download folder contents either from pro+ or any other workstation to this machine to work well


    No virus found 

    Updated antivirus

    Thanks for support

  • In reply to hagouda:

    You may have some corrupted files under YellowPages\Download folder. The download does not automatically copy files to the "download" folder when the YellowPages counterpart file with .Z extension is corrupted.

    May want to try the following on one of the non-critical stations. Do NOT do this on the PRO+.

    1. Delete the content of "D:\DeltaV\DVData\YellowPages\Download". You may want to copy the "YellowPages\Download" folder to another location (example the Desktop) for backup. The folder should look like the following but in my system it automatically recreated the files. Do not worry if the files reappear after the deletion.

    2. Perform a full download of the station from the PRO+.

  • In reply to Neil Castro:

    Dear Neil

    Kindly note that I have deleted all files in \yellowpages\download   folder then I downloaded the machine from pro+

    Still only 16 files are there in Deltav\Dvdata\download folder while 3 files in  yellowpages\download folder

    Also not that when I Download setup data or changed setup data or last good known files are not deleted 

    they are deleted only when download operator workstation

    Thanks for support

  • In reply to hagouda:

    It appears auto-update is disabled on the station.

    At least enable Setup Data and Device Files on the station as shown in the below screenshot. Click on Set button then try to download the station again from the PRO+.

  • In reply to Neil Castro:

    Dear Neil

    We actually disable auto update for all machines a we have some issues related to grph.

    I enabled auto update for  setup data and devices  then downloaded this OWS the files were recreated as you mentioned.

    Thanks a lot for your support