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A little know, but important, feature in Syncade is the use of the Language Engine to easily configure and display different label text in the user interface in addition to the language of the user logged in. I first used this years ago at a Life Science customer site that configured the label text in the user interface to align with the existing site terminology rather than the out-of-the-box label text shipped with the application essentially localizing the application in a matter of minutes. With literally thousands of labels another really powerful feature is the “Talking Numbers” tool that automatically numbers the labels in the user interface allowing the user to rapidly locate labels that they want to update using the Language Engine. Great stuff for rapidly localizing Syncade!

Share some of your experiences with the Syncade Language Engine usage.

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  • Another little known fact about language translation is that Emerson is always adding additoanl language translations to the Syncade!! The newest arrivals are:  French, Italian!

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