Connecting DelatV OPC UA Client to a Python Server

I've filed a ticket for this as well but thought I'd reach out more broadly.  I just received my development ProPlus station and have the basics setup.  As a simple test to start to connect lab products to DeltaV, I've created a simple python freeopcua server that I'm trying to connect to DeltaV using the OPC UA Client tool.  Now UaExpert is also installed on the ProPlus station and connects to the server just fine but I'm unable to get DeltaV to connect.  When I run the Test Endpoint Connection I receive an error and if I add a LDT under the PDT it fails.  I am able to connect OPC UA Client to an OPC UA Server.  

Thus, I'm thinking there's something DeltaV requires that perhaps I haven't included in my freeopcua python server.  Anyone have experience in this area?