Syncade Process Order Status Lifecycle

The following diagram provides an overview of the Syncade Process Order status lifecycle.    Syncade provides several configurable options on the movement of orders through the lifecycle such as available statuses and signature requirements.   For example, generally orders that are initiated by the ERP system will be downloaded to Syncade in the Planned status as outlined in a previous post at SAP Transactions with Syncade in Life Sciences – Production Order Download.  In some cases they may be automatically moved to the Released status for shop floor execution depending on the established business requirements.   In one case I had a customer add an additional status that required a Quality unit approval (named Quality Approval) before the process order was statused to the Released status.  This allowed them an intermediate method of ensuring that certain critical in process change controls activities were completed before releasing the order to the shop floor.

Once an order is statused to the Released status the order recipe is retrieved and the order level parameters populated in the recipe.  Following recipe execution completion the order is moved to the Manufacturing Complete status where preconfigured reviews are completed, notes added, updates made to the executed batch record and electronic signatures collected.  Quality has the final review at the QC Review status and the order is closed following the final signature.

Questions about the order lifecycle and the avialable options just add to the the discussion comments.