Engineering a Love of STEM

Emerson Women In STEM Minneapolis eventLove of science, technology, engineering and math starts early, and the more children can be exposed to STEM the more comfortable they feel making a technical career their dream job. Emerson™ and Emerson’s Women in STEM are deeply committed to the next generations of STEM professionals and had an opportunity to see that enthusiasm up close at the recent STEM Day in Shakopee, MN hosted by Emerson Twin Cities Women in STEM. More than 140 fourth graders plunged into fun games and activities all based on STEM concepts.

A hard hat joined the more typical feather boas and sunglasses as kids costumed themselves in the photo booth, and close inspection of circuit boards could prompt a new generation of computer engineers. Kids joined groups to build boats using aluminum foil and paper cups, and also learned about manufacturing principles through a brick building exercise and flight principles with paper airplanes. Of special interest were Emerson product demonstrations, and hopefully some of these same students may end up as STEM professionals at Emerson. Experience the STEM event photos.

This event was only one of many sponsored by this inspiring and active Women in STEM group. How could you get involved?

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