We Love STEM @ Home Edition Activity Kits

Creating an engaging learning environment is the key to ensuring that students of all ages will learn effectively. In fact, the "learning by doing" or "learning through play" approach, is proven to help students perform better in science concepts, when compared to just reading alone. You can learn more about "Why Hands-On Science Is A Growing Trend in Education" through this article.  Additionally, taking the hands-on approach simply makes learning some of those tougher science concepts more fun, with an added bonus (and relief) for parents, by providing new activities for kids do at home with (and without) parent supervision.

In the past, we've had our Emerson We Love STEM Day in person with sometimes 150+ eager young minds in attendance. Keeping the idea of "Safety-First" in mind, we knew that an in-person We Love STEM Day was not going to be possible this year. So our innovative Emerson We Love STEM Day subcommittee put our heads together to invent the We Love STEM @ Home Edition.