Record-Setting We Love STEM Day helps Promote the Importance of Early-Age STEM Education

I <3 STEM Day at Emerson Group PictureSTEM often conjures up images of lab coats, circuitry and complex formulas. With Emerson’s #WeLoveSTEM Day, sponsored by Emerson’s Women in STEM group, employees’ children and grandchildren in kindergarten through 8th grade were invited to the office for exposure to STEM. Activities as simple as building unsinkable aluminum foil boats to as messy as making slime were chosen to demonstrate the fun and varied world of STEM. Over 150 children joined us to learn about real-life applications of STEM through the fun, hands-on workshops. Below, we’ve provided links to the instructions for each activity so you can do them at your home office:

In the Education Center, children used a simulated DeltaV control system to create the perfect, repeatable cupcake recipe. Using mathematical equations, teamwork and actual Emerson process control and automation equipment, the children were able to walk through the process of I <3 STEM motor activityrunning a plant to successfully produce a quality product. Between workshops, kids worked on STEM-themed crossword puzzles and a Brain Hat Activity, where they cut-out and taped together a 3D model of the brain. They were able to I <3 STEM Slime Activityillustrate the different areas and functions of the brain. For other great STEM ideas and social media posts, follow

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