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Tags that are currently in Simulate / Ignore PV / Bypass (Assistance needed)

I am wondering if anyone has a solution to figure out which tags are currently being simulated or if a tag has an interlock bypassed or if the Ignore PV is active.  Does DeltaV have this capability, or has anyone done any custom work to gather this information? 

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  • in diagnostics, under assigned modules, you can view all modules of a controller. in the right pane it will list the Merror Mstatus options and you can sort on any column. you can quickly find any abnormal status conditions.

    some systems configure alarms to indicate a block in simulate or if a bypass is set. this allows an alarm summary to show current module with such items set. these are given low priorities with auto acknowledge and no horn. alarm banner is set to not show these.

    Andre Dicaire

  • You can do this fairly easily but requires at least v13 because of the filtering options that were added to alarm summary in v13.

    I presented at Emerson Exchange back in 2015 that had this as part of the presentation (I have attached that specific subset)

    3-4922_Ready-to-apply Configured DeltaV Alarm Management Solutions (subset).pdf

    Note: for the Simulation of non EDC blocks you will need to create logic to check for simulation and add an alarm to look at this result. These slides won't tell you exactly how to do everything but gets the display work done.

    If you have previous version of DeltaV then you can still do it but you have to use the Alarm Priorities which is limited and may become annoying. v13 is best because you only use a single alarm priority that is filtered and the operators don't even see them unless they open these custom displays.

    I have heard of other people using the Event Log to find these but this method is a lot easier I my opinion.

  • The Emerson library PCSD has developed a solution for this need (working from DeltaV 13 onwards).

    I'm going to give you an example to create a list of modules where a bypass is set.

    First, here is the work to do on the alarms and the modules:

    - Create an alarm type (e.g. 'Bypass Alarm') and give it a CATEGORY (e.g. 'BYPASS'). You can type your own categorie name.

    - Create an alarm priority (e.g. 'ALERT', value 4, auto acknowledge and make sure this alarm priority will not show up in your alarm list or alarm banner, you probably don't want that). If you want to create list of modules in simulation, ignore PV, bypass, interlock, ... they will all have this alarm priority: Alert, value 4, which will not show up in the alarm banner.

    - In the modules from which you want to generate a bypass alert, create an alarm (e.g. BYPASS_ON, link the priority to ALERT, link the Alarm type to Bypass Alarm).

    Now, the work to do on the HMI to present the information to the operator.

    I don't know if you are using DeltaV Live or DeltaV Operate, but it's the same principle:

    - Create a display with an Alarm ActiveX (you can start from the AlarmList display). On the ActiveX, filter on the alarm priority that you defined earlier (in this example: priority 4 for ALERT), and filter the list by using the specific category (in this example: BYPASS)

    Here are the snaps illustrating the steps above:

    Would be great to have this functionality native in DeltaV, but until then, you have to create specific solutions, or if you use PCSD, it comes directly with a bunch of alert lists.


  • In reply to Frederic Menard:

    Thanks I am currently attempting to do this, this should work with all of my existing modules, with just an addition of an alarm to each one. thanks for the help.