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Modbus Registers list extract from DeltaV (Spare tags and Used Tags List)


This query is related to Modbus Register tag list extract from DeltaV.

Requirement :

Do we have a tool to determine the status of Modbus Registers in DeltaV

- as Used or Spare.


We need to determine,

- how many registers are used and 

- how many registers are configured as spare.


Thanks & Regards,

Samiran Dutta

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  • Hi Samiran,

    Thank you for the question, I've added a response below. I'd be happy to discuss further if you need some additional information. My email address is vance.elmore@caltrol.com.

    We don't have a tool to count the number of registers used. In terms of capacity, we refer to the number of datasets instead. There are 16 datasets under each serial port. One dataset is equivalent to 100 16-bit registers, or 50 floating point (32 bit) registers.

    The VIM (which can have a total of 128 datasets) has diagnostic information that can show the total number of datasets.


    Vance Elmore
    Solutions Architect
    Caltrol Inc. (Emerson Impact Partner)
  • In reply to Vance Elmore:

    Hi Vance,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I will email you the details. Then, we can have further discussion.

    Samiran Dutta