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Disabling Open option in Process History View for operator login

Hi guys,

I can see the Save and Save As option getting disabled for Operator Login in Process History view, whereas Open option is still appearing even for operator login.  How to disable the Open option even for operator.  When Operator clicks Open option, he can able to access System files.  Tried disabling drive access from gpedit, but After clicking OK for the message prompt stating User access is disabled, it automatically navigates to User folders "My Music", "My videos".

Hence My ultimate requirement is only to disable Open option for Operator login just similar to Save and Save as option.

Thanks in advance.

Anand S

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  • Open option from process history view is for opening process history files. So it is not necessary to disable the open option. we can store these files any where in the drives depending on the size of the drive. Their is some standard path for that files .

    It is a security risk. From the Open dialog the user is able to delete files if right-clicking them.
  • Based on the description of your issue, it seems you are not up-to-date with security fixes provided for DeltaV. Please refer to KBA AK-1800-0042 within Guardian for more information about improvements on files and folders permissions that were made available by Emerson for all supported DeltaV releases and which were flagged as critical updates for deployed systems.

    I also want to highlight that in DeltaV v14.3, the Process History View and Batch History View file open/save dialogs have been changed to further enhance security and prevent least privilege users access to the Windows file directories.


    Alexandre Peixoto