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DVC 6200 power failure action


what is the action of DVC 6200 for double acting actuator during DVC power loss in terms of output to actuator. To convert from valve Fail close to fail open action or vise versa, is change in DVC configuration  required? 

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  • For double-acting, you would be using Relay A. At 4 MA or loss of power, the output of Port A would be zero pressure and the output of Port B would be full supply pressure. So you tube the outputs to the side of the actuator that will on the loss of power send the valve to the desired travel. You will also need to re-configure the DVC6200 so that the Zero Power Condition will be the 4 ma position, either open or closed. If you are concerned about a loss of air, and you don't have a spring in the actuator, you would need a 377 trip valve properly installed to provide the fail action desired.

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