is it normal practice for fire fighting system are separated from ovation operator station?

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Is it a normal practice for fire fighting system are separated or don't have a graphics in ovation operator station? I'm a fresh graduate working in coal power plant. in my company, fire fighting system using notifier onyxworks by honeywell so they have dedicated fire alarm control panel but i'm curious why the fire alarm signal not sent to ovation as an ESD signal.

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  • Dear Abdul,
    Please let me know which plant are you working on?
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    Dear Mr. Maciek I'm working in one of power plant in Indonesia.
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    Hi Abdul,

    I am far from a control logic expert, butI can think of a few, non-technical explanations for the possible observations you are making. As such, I am leery of making any hypothesis.

    That said, I think we can assist you by resolving your other post about the system ID and gaining access to the Ovation Users' Group website. Once we connect you with the Emerson contact for your plant, that contact should be able to clarify the specifics of your system. Further, the Ovation Users' Group website will give you access to the broader Ovation community, and can help answer some of your questions.

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    Dear Mr. Greg Schirm,

    Thank you for the guidance, looking forward to access the ovation users group.

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