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What if the Engineering Server is powered off?

I am new to the Ovation system. We have Ovation 3.5 consisting of Engineering Server 200 (Dell T320), a historian (Dell T320) and an OPC Server (Dell 9020) along with the operator stations. I want to know what effects shutting down the Engineering server shall make on the process control? Will the process and operator stations be running normally? If not, please share the reason.


  • Yes. If the database server is shutdown the system (controls, points, graphics, etc.) will continue to run. The only limitation will be in the area of adds/deletes (i.e. no deleting points, graphics, etc; adding points, graphics etc.; or no new/changed user IDs). There shouldn't be disruption to the process in the system you describe.
  • Sir,
    Did you shut down the server after the answer, if yes please confirm me that there is no any effect in operating stations I am also new in ovation and using same version with Windows 2008 server.