Cisco switch configuration for ovation network

Hey guys. Iam new at Ovation dcs. the thing is I have to configure cisco switch 2960 for ovation network. I have switch configuration files for ovation but dont know which G** would be better for simple root switch.

Secondly, what does this error code exhibits 0x80004005 Unable to contact the power tool services of database server. I m facing this error in installing drop. Drop is in domain and can be pinged ok. I installed developer dtudio. Configured the drop in server then drop point,download it but it couldnt be loaded i dont know the problem.Whenver i try to download some error windo appear and when i open developer studio in new installed drop some error appeared there too. What to do?

Any help will e appreciable



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  • OvptSvr file is also running and  DDB protocals are good too

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    Hi Azher - it is my understanding by direct email that both of your problems have been resolved by the team. I hope everything is working correctly now.

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    Hi Greg, where can we get the CISCO configuration? Normally it asks for password and username if you access from switch's port.
  • Generally It won't ask for a username. It will ask only password. It is generally a default one which may be shared by your ovation engineers

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    Hi Greg, where can we get the CISCO configuration? Normally it asks for password and username if you access from switch's port.

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    Thanks Ramesh, is it possible for you to share the password at my email
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    While I'm not a network expert, I just wanted to make a quick note that this isn't really an appropriate approach for password management. Hanan - If you, or anyone else, needs to be connected with their appropriate Ovation engineering/support team, they can always drop us an email at

    I will also add the Ovation Users' Group website is a good resource for technical support, user manuals, tools, etc., and I highly encourage any Ovation customer that has a valid Ovation system ID to register for the site.

    I hope this additional information is helpful!

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    Thanks Greg for a great advice. Actually, I have tried dropping an email at the above address from the ovation users Group too. However, I did not receive any response. However, I will try dropping another email to see how things go.