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Dear Experts
Please find below expression editor page and what is meaning of expression in row 1? Why is the row 16 expression giving syntax error ?

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  • Please send us the first lines of code.
    Error of line 16 can comes from above lines
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    Houps sorry . I didn’t see well. Line 11 it miss a ; at the end of line
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    Houps sorry . I didn’t see well. Line 11 it miss a ; at the end of line
  • Thanks,expression is parsing successfully.But I can not understand the meaning of row 1 expression : '^/P_ACT_IDX.CV' :='^/P_ACT_IDX.CV' + 1;.What is the purpose of this expression ?

  • In reply to krishna sen:

    That increase the Current Value of parameter P_ACT_IDX
  • Please explain more about this parameter and function of this parameter.

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    It is a optional functionality for:

    1. To capture Action Execution Error in fail monitor
    2. To calculate ACTION TIMER for display on message banner
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    The answer by vmvmhatre is correct, in that the P_ACT_IDX (and ACT_IDX in an Equipment Module) has two purposes - to indicate an execution failure mechanism in an action, and if that failure doesn't occur, to display a number representing which action in the step is executing. The applicable parameter is added to the phase and EMs in the PCSD library, which is the library Emerson project teams use to develop control databases for the DeltaV system.

    To explain the possible failure mechanism, occasionally an action set as assignment type with pulse qualifier will execute repeatedly, when it should only execute once. (This only occurs infrequently.) To catch that and to flag it, the expression is added to every action in a step, with the exception of the EXIT action, which resets the parameter to 0. If the value of P_ACT_IDX exceeds ACT_MAX - default value is 30 - then the Fail Monitor causes execution to go to the HOLD sequence.

    Hope this helps!