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How Many DSTs Do I Really Have?

When I run a Licensing report I notice that I can have more Analog Input DST's configured versus Assigned. Do I have spare DST's available that I don't know about? 

Also, When I add up the total for DST's assigned license the number is dramatically smaller than the Systems Size DST count. 

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  • Starting in v12, the licensing model is device-based, not pure DST-based; you are only charged for the single most expensive DST the device uses. For example, if you have a single device with 1 AI and 3 AO, you will only be charged for 1 AO. You use 4 DSTs, but only consume 1 AO license. Expense order (most to least) is AO, DO, AI, DI.
  • In reply to SBPosey:

    That does not answer my question.
  • I don't claim to fully understand licensing as it is complicated and is frequently changed. There is a section in BOL that describes licence demand for I/O.

    It mentions that there is an order of licence costs which are from highest to lowest: AO, AI, DO and DI. What I d n't think it mentions is that you can 'borrow' from a more expensive licence if you have a shortfall in a less expensive one. So if you have 10 more AIs than you have in the assigned licence count these can be covered by AO licences, assuming you have 10 of these spare.

    The system size licence must be greater than the sum of the IO licences. Yours is - so be happy!
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    This is important to note. If your system has used up all assigned AI licenses, and is using AO licenses to cover additional AI's, you can purchase additional AI's to free up the AO license when you have used up all the AO licenses. This would save you money over buying additional AO licenses for a new AO signal. You do not have to purchase the additional licenses immediately if you are covered with the higher level licenses in your system.

    Andre Dicaire