DeltaV Live Daily Backup or Export

Is it possible to set up a Daily Backup or Export of the DeltaV Live Graphics database? The Live Administration application has the ability to manually backup and export the Live graphics but I cannot seem to find the option to automate this.

  • Also interested in this answer.
    This should really be a standard available feature similar to the Daily Export Enable Disable.
  • Hi

    Deltav live graphics printout u can take manually.
    For softcopy u can do it manually.
    As plants are stable all the values are also stable .
    So their is not necessary to take backup graphics backup daily.


  • In reply to superstec:

    This option isn't available yet, It is planned to be done/supported.
    I believe they are shooting for v15 but that planning is still fluid and could change.

    In fairness the same concept could be applied to the DeltaV Explorer database, but the daily backup is still a normal site standard.
    There is also a significant number of new projects in DeltaV Live with development on going which this is where the backups are more relevant potentially.

    Couldn't you use windows scheduler to run the manual backup command? I do not have Live in my system yet, so I can't test it. I have quite a few backup tasks that I have taken this route with before though.

    Its a shame that there is no down vote button on the Forum, similar to whats done on Stack Overflow.
    Saying you dont need to make regular backups of your databases goes against good practice.
    I wish you all the best with your next disaster recovery.