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Batch ASC(Active Step change) on BOI is not working with warning message. ;

Hi All, 

Testing ASC(active step change) by Book online procedure, but when click "deactivate" bottom on BOI and then, Selected corresponding step, warning message shows as below. 

"The Step that you selected is not in a valid state for the ASC that you attempted"

Anyone has same experience?

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  • The BOI does not have as robust of an ASC function as the DeltaV Operate ASC functions, the BOI lets you attempt to do things that you really shouldn't do. I'd advise using the Operate tools rather than BOI unless you're on a very old version of DeltaV that doesn't have the Operate functions. What command were you attempting with the ASC?
  • In reply to Scott Thompson:

    Thanks for reply. Yes! verified that ASC is working on DeltaV Operate tool!. My Customers who raised up this query will be told to refrain from using Batch via BOI.