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DeltaV Login

Hi all, does anyone have any experience logging on to multiple DeltaV operator workstation from using a single login dialog box? our operators have 4 dual screen workstations on their desk and we are about to go to individual user accounts for each operator, therefore we wouldn't like the operator to login 4 times (on each workstation). if possible log onto one workstation and that login gets cascaded to the other workstations.

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  • Stuart,
    although there might be technical ways to implement what you are asking for, it is important to highlight the cybersecurity risk of taking this approach. I'd recommend to evaluate the risks of such deployment type vs. convenience since the workstation logon process is there for a very specific reason. Using Operator Workstations that support quad-monitors could simplify your deployment without compromising security, which might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it would be an approach to take without increasing the attack surface of your system.
  • Interesting.........If you are talking Windows account then i would not recommend that...If you just want to change the DeltaV logon then yes you probably could use the Ifix Scheduler to "sync" the logons for the workstations.

    It would not be easy. I have done a fair bit of user security in the iFIX scheduler to overcome the limitation of RDP not allowing screen savers to be triggered, it can get messy.
  • In reply to Alexandre Peixoto:

    How are operators using the consoles? Consider a Quad Monitor as the primary and a dual as secondary. And you use the secondary for view only (PHV trend, view only dislays) then you could auto login the view only station as a view only client. That would leave a single logon to the main quad monitor.

    You can also work an event script to load displays and such from the main console. Create a module assigned to a controller to host a number of parameters. On the main console you can great a button to say write current main display to a string parameter. In the view only console a variable generates an on_change event when this string changes, and this loads the specified display name. Saves operator from shifting keyboards to load displays and such.

    This way your operators can manage all six displays from one keyboard mouse if these last two displays are for view only.

    Andre Dicaire