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Batch Unit Acquire Problem

Hi All

Can anyone suggest a method to release a unit that is no longer required?

I have a batch that has acquired a unit but has now moved past the point of use and should have released it. The release has not happened (reason to be determined) and now other batches fail trying to acquire the unit.

Is it possible to release the unit with out running a release phase from the batch, as this is currently not possible?

Normally I would rerun the release from the batch which will work, but this is very restricted when that can be done, and in the mean time other batches continue to be effected until this point.

I want to know if there are any back doors to releasing acquired units, until we can resolve the cause of this issue.


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  • You can try releasing the equipment from within the Batch Operator Interface.  Make sure you are logged in with sufficient privileges and go to the arbitration screen.  From there you can select Equipment in the list devices area.  This will filter the list to only show equipment in your system.  Choose your equipment from the dropdown menu at the top and when selected it should display what currently owns the equipment and what else is waiting to acquire the equipment.  You can try selecting on the batch that currently owns it and pressing the "-" sign in the top right corner of the screen to release the equipment if able. See pic below:

    If this doesn't work you can try and revoke the equipment from the Batch Application manager.  Open the application manager and click on advanced.  Next, select the revoke equipment tab and drill down to the equipment you want and select it.  This should list what batch currently owns the equipment.  Highlight the batch by clicking on it then press the revoke button to release it.

  • In reply to dsturg:

    Thanks for the reply but unfortunately despite using an Administrator login neither options works.

    In the BOI the '-' is not available when the Equipment is selected, and in the BAM the REVOKE is greyed out.

    I'm currently guessing that is because the Batch is still active, and these options may be available if the batch had completed and left an orphaned Equipment.

    Thanks Anyway.
  • In reply to Roddyc:

    When we encounter this issue we just open up the unit that owns the equipment in control studio online. Then drill into a running phase and set the REQUEST parameter to the correct code. If using an indirect code then set REQDATA1 first, then the REQUEST parameter. This can be done when the phase is HELD or RUNNING. When running just make sure the code is not going to be setting the REQUEST parameter anytime soon.