Process History View Access to Saving Charts

I have a DeltaV 11.3.1 Simulate System.

I want to allow the Operator to Save Charts created using Process History View.

When I log on to Operate directly through Flex-Lock and create a chart (using PCSD chart builder or through the application), the Save / Save As buttons are grayed out to an operator.

I have the function when I log in as an Administrator.

The Operator has the 'Control' key which is the same lock as the CHART_SAVE option is allocated in Field Security. He does not have windows Access.

I have done a full set-up data download.

Is there anything else I should check to enable chart saving?

  • This may just be a selected View problem. When you open PHV, check under the View Menu --> Control Level and make sure it is set to "Advanced". If it is set to Standard, the Save/Save As is Disabled.