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  • I'm trying to upgrade from DeltaV 8.4.2 to 11.3.  I've used the System Backup Utility of the 11.3 disk set to  collect the files and database, and create a zip file that the upgrade wizard uses on the new Pro+.  However, when the wizard is finished, all my controllers are flagged for download.  Since this will be an online upgrade, this won't do!  Any suggestions?

  • In reply to Greg Guiltner:

    I expect the way the new ProPlus has been created has resulted in the configuration database flagging the ProPlus as a new node.  With a new node on the system, all nodes will need a changed setup data download.  Chances are your controllers only need a node table update, not a total download.  Performing a changed setup data download should take care of the download required flags on the controller.  The controller setup data download can't be done until after the controllers are upgraded to the same version as the ProPlus.