Need advice - P+F 2700 HART Mux doesn't see E+H TMT82 temperature transmitters

We installed a couple E+H TMT82 temperature transmitters with HART capability, in place of some DIN rail transmitters that were not HART capable. The Mux is functioning and monitoring data from a number of devices that are connected to the ESD system (which is not HART capable). The 4-20 mA signal from the transmitters is correct and I can connect to them using a TREX communicator. I have tried numerous Scans - new, all, etc., rebuilt hierarchy, removed & reseated the MUX card (which comes back okay), tried the "rebuild loop" method and tried a few other selections like "HART command". So far it does not see the transmitters and does not appear that it even looks at the slot in question, whether "Scan all" or "Scan new".

Please comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions for what might allow the Mux to "see" the new transmitters. This is happening on two separate Mux cards / FTA's - same issue.

-John R.

  • I see TMT82 is HART7 and that HiDMux2700 supports both HART5 through HART7, but perhaps you need a particular firmware version to get the HART7 support? Perhaps if your deployed your mux long ago perhaps it did not support HART7 yet? Maybe you need to update the firmware? Other than that it is the usual suspects for HART troubleshooting such as the shunt resistor, noise, or HART filter in the case of some systems. I will look for a place to post the field communications troubleshooting guide
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    Thanks Jonas - I'm connecting with a TREX connected directly to the dropping resistor on the FTA, and I get a HART connection / communications with no issues.

    As I watch the "scan" progress it seems like the Mux is only looking at the terminations where it already found a HART device - it cycles 3.2.1 . . . 3.2.2 . . .etc. but stops short of scanning any other channels beyond the 7 displayed in AMS (there are 32 total analog inputs per Mux).

    I will check with P+F whether a firmware update is recommended. These modules are at least a decade old.

    Update: Tried installing the 2700 DTM, but AMS's DTM Catalog Manager doesn't find it . . .

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    Update . . . in an effort to "help" AMS find the DTM, I logged off of the ServerPlus (Logged out the Server 2016 session, also the ProPlus in this case) and logged back in.
    Upon restarting Device Manager & "Rebuild Hierarchy", when I click the individual mux branches, the E+H transmitters now appear and communicate.
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    We had a similar issue today, from AMS, we accessed the MUX device, from Actions->Methods we issued a reset, then rebuilt hierarchy. It could be my imagination, but I swear we did the same operation earlier, without success, but we did get ours working. Hope that helps.