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Echo Curve for 5300 Radar doesn't work in AMS version 11?

Hi all.

I am currently running version 11.5 AMS and cannot get a proper echo curve from Rosemount 5300 radars. It does not matter whether they are connected via a DeltaV control system or ROC, the result is generally the same.

If you see the screen shot below it is representative of all echo curves that we get. Note the large scale of the vertical axis, in the order of 200,000mV and the curve is showing below tank bottom. (All other values on the screen tend to be relatively representative, just not the curve)

We have checked

  • we are running the most current device descriptors.
  • there are no wiring issues, and it is the same across 158 installations.
  • the echo curve works fine for the 5400 radar.
  • On site RadarMaster works fine and gives proper results.
  • Cannot upgrade to Version 12 or 13 as it does not support ROC Polling Manager and forced to use OE which isn't currently working properly.
  • I have see on another site that the echo curve does work on the 5300 radar on version 12

Has anyone come across this issue previously and/or have a solution for a fix?

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  • Tried to attach screen shot again

  • I'm sure you know that the icons in the upper left of the screen capture you're showing allow you to adjust the scale of the echo curve image as well as to drag the x-axis up and down.

    Too bad you can't upgrade to a newer version of AMS Device Manager. Version 13.1.1 is available on Guardian and 13.5 will release within the next few weeks. All version since 12.0 include the "DTM Launcher" application (12.0 and 12.5 require a "Hotfix" while 13.0 and beyond do not) The DTMs for 5300 and 5400 are based upon Rosemount RadarMaster code and will give you the same echo curve that RadarMaster does.
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    Is Emerson prepared to support DTM's for Version 11?
  • In reply to a_lot_of_devices:

    Unfortunately, v11.5 has been retired and we will not be able to add DTM support. However, looking back on some old records, it looks like a new device descriptor was issues for the 5300 that addresses some echo curve issues in v11.5. You should be able to get this from the Emerson website.

    Ultimately I recommend you pursue the latest version of AMS Device Manager with OpenEnterprise. This is the currently supported solution and you will benefit from many additional features like the DTM Launcher, our new AMS Device View for alerts, and Automatic Synchronization with the AMS Trex Device Communicator.

    Best Regards,
    Nicholas Meyer | Product Manager | Handheld Communicators