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AMS Device Manager 14.5 with MTL 4850 (Device Screen Access Error)

Dear Emerson Support

We have recently upgraded to Emerson AMS Device Manager 14.5.

I noticed that on one station, where we have MTL4850 multiplexer installed, it can find the multiplexers and our valves connected to multiplexer. But when we double click multiplexer or any valve, we receive the following error immediately.



funny thing is that not only i can see the multiplexer, but i can also see the valves connected to it. But nothing can be opened. I tested the MUX with the MUX Test facility given in AMS Installation package and it seems to be responding fine. Can you please help me with this issue.


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  • How did you upgrade? Did you export your database, uninstall and then install AMS Device Manager v14.5? With 14.5, there is a new scan engine so you have to fully uninstall the previous version and install 14.5 then import your backup database. secondly, if this is not critical information you want to preserved from Audit Trail, I would try deleting all the devices out of AMS Device Manager 14.5 database and do a rebuilt hierarchy and see if that work. The other thing, you might want to check your comm port setting on the mux vs what you actually configure in the Network configuration.
  • If you upgraded from v13 or higher, no need to uninstall, unless AMS Device Manager is also co-deployed on a DeltaV station. Some things to look into or consider:

    1. Perform a Rebuild of the Multiplexer Hierarchy and run a Scan of New Devices when accessing the Multiplexer Interface whenever the AMS Device Manager application is restarted. This will refresh the live connection of AMS Device Manager to the HART devices connected on the Multiplexer Network
    2. Check the Release Notes for your AMS Device Manager install. Installed with AMS Device Manager and on the .iso image.
    3. Check the Planning and Installation Guide for your specific version of AMS Device Manager. Available on Guardian or by searching Emerson AMS Device Manager and looking a the available documentation.
    4. Register your system on Guardian guardian.emerson.com/.../ to have it automatically match KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) against your specific system and hardware. Apply any findings.
    5. KBA EDE1-106-990826130017 "Inconsistent Communications with a MTL 4841 Multiplexer"
    6. KBA NA-0400-0084 "AMS Device Manager Multiplexer System Interface Setup & Troubleshooting Guide"
    7. Maybe something is amiss with the DD for the MTL 4850 DD? For this DD to function properly with AMS Device Manager and the MTL 4850 multiplexer, the multiplexer firmware must be at version 0102 or newer. Please contact MTL support for the firmware upgrade and upgrade procedures. Even though the DD is included with AMS Device Manager v13.0 and higher, there are downloads on www.emerson.com/.../software-downloads-drivers

    Eric Snyder | NA PAM Platform Sales Development | Process Systems & Solutions

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  • In reply to Eric Snyder:

    Hi, thanks for your response.

    We changed our server machine, so it is a fresh installation from the point of view of the server. Later on, the database was imported. However, the clients were simply upgraded from 14.1.1 to 14.5 versions. So no uninstallation was done.

    I want to inform you about the following findings:

    1) We have three types of multiplexers in use in the network.
    2) It works fine with MTL Old Multiplexers (4841 series).
    3) It works fine with Pheonix Contact HART IP Multiplexers.
    4) It only has a problem with MTL's latest multiplexers (4850), which worked fine with AMS 14.1.1. All the MUX of the same models are not working.

    It immediately gives this Device Screen Access error once you double-click the device tag. Similarly, when you put it on scan, every device gets failed. Surprisingly, it not only the multiplexer but also all the valves connected to it.
  • In reply to Eric Snyder:

    8. Contact Global Support for technical support. :) www.emerson.com/.../technical-support-contact-information

    Eric Snyder | NA PAM Platform Sales Development | Process Systems & Solutions

    Emerson Automation Solutions