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Refining and Petrochemical Industry Forum Brussels Wednesday April 13 11 AM

This year we are planning the following topics for the Refining /Petrochemical industry forum at the Emerson European Exchange.   The refining group is looking for a client  that would be interested in giving a brief presentation  (20 Min).  The attendance fee for the exchange paid by Emerson for this small assignment.  Please let me know if you can help.


Topics (general title client may modify)

Solving Opportunity crude challenges through innovative measurements and analytics (Emerson and or Clients presenter)

Creating a journey to first quartile Availability (Client presenter)

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  • As crude oil prices dropped over the past year, the downstream sector has taken advantage of discounted feedstocks. For refiners, there are more challenges associated with processing different opportunity crudes; they need to equip and learn how to effectively use these discounted crudes. I encourage a refiner to share their experiences in upgrading their measurements, control and process in crude units to effectively process these varying feedstocks.

    For both refining and petrochemical, top quartile availability means lower operating costs, safer operations, and better margins. Top quartile availability just doesn’t happen; the facility must invest in measurements, automated predictive analytics and reliability engineers evaluating asset root cause failure analysis, automatic alerts of abnormal operation and imminent failure, and finally training staff to take corrective action when presented with this new information. I encourage a refiner or petrochemical facility share in their recent journey in changing behavior at their plant from reactive to predictive.