Emerson Exchange Refining and Petrochemical Industry Forum

Emerson Global Users Exchange will be in Denver, Colorado this October 12-16, 2015.  Early discounted registration ends in one month on August 15th.


The Refining and Petrochemical Industry Forum will take place on Monday afternoon, October 12th.  The forum will be 90 minutes and cover three topics with the opportunity for the attendees to participate in the discussion.  If you have not made plans to attend the event, please consider attending and registering before the early registration ends on August 15.

Refining-Petrochemical Integration, Turnarounds, and Process Safety  The refining and petrochemical industries are positively impacted by the abundant and available shale gas and tight oil in the United States. As a result, new petrochemical facilities are being planned, including refinery integration to improve product flexibility for both fuels and petrochemicals. At the same time, some regions are experiencing shortages of skilled resources to complete a turnaround within the preferred duration; planning what work can be completed without schedule overrun is becoming more important as resource availability plays a role. Finally, process safety is always on the forefront of every manufacturing facility. Facilities are utilizing IEC 61511 to ensure their safety systems are both reliable and available (no accidental trips, and the system will work if and when needed).

We will convene a panel to speak about topics listed below, followed by an opportunity for the audience to participate in the discussion.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Turnarounds and the Importance of Planning Mark Isom, NCRA
  • Process Safety Robert Ancrum, BP Whiting
  • Refining – Petrochemical Integration and Product Flexibility Marcelo Carugo, Emerson